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” You make a difference “

Within these four  words the sense of  Cookita is enclosed.

What better way to learn Italian than learn to cooking ?

Speak and learn to cooking delicious Italian dishes in a funny way

Designed by Antonella Ricco, Founder and Food Instructor of COOKITA,  a brand new concept for sustainable and innovative Italian hands-on cooking classes. Our charming Italian Chef will take you on a culinary journey from the north to the south of Italy.
Learn to speak and eat Italian  through our  Regions’ Specialties.
Explore with your five senses the five flavors of Italy.
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Make Italian Bread in New York

This blog accompanies the workshop Making Italian Bread in NYC Fare il Pane Italiano a New York City ,
to be realized by Antonella Ricco .
The workshop will take place between September- October 2011 in our Kitchen in Manhattan.

I would like to investigate the idea of the workshop as a place for putting in common hands knowledge and abilities, personal involvement and process based ways of relationships and transmission.

I  have chosen bread for its real importance, for the social and metaphorical value, and for its special relationship with the tradition of Italian bread production that runs through town and connects  all the sea and mountain villages. I chose bread production as a process, based on the idea of taking time as a way to take place. The many ways in which personal knowledge is actualized, through sharing, comparison, and mixing, mirrors the process of bread production.

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Welcome to COOKITA NYC

Cookita…you make a difference
Discover Cookita NYC a new world of Italian flavors. Join us and enjoy the simple and healthy way to prepare Italian dishes based on the culture and traditions of this beautiful land.
Cookita is a brand new concept for sustainable and innovative Italian cooking workshops and hands-on cooking classes.
Cookita offers a variety of cooking classes and workshops with  several taste appropriate menus and activities for business and common people in love with the real Italian home cooking .

Cooking classes and workshops are held in Manhattan


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