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Extra-virgin olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil

Puglia, with its 50 and over millions of olive trees, is first in producing olives and oil and for this reason we can say it is the most important region in Italy in the field of olive growing.

The oil produced here is strictly extravirgin(virgin olive oil of impeccable taste whose acidity cannot be larger than I g per 100gr.

The extravirgin oil made of olive from Puglia has different characteristic because of the different kinds of olives it is made of.

The most delicate quality of extravirgin oil, golden-coloured, of a sweet taste with a light itch is ideal for dishes served raw.

The medium type, of a deep golden colour, with a light and a bit herbaceous taste, is good for steamed dishes and salt ones.

The most intense one of a yellow- greenish colour, with a rich fruity flavour and slightly spicy taste, is good for grills and roasts, the best one for fried food because it doesn’t modify his chemical and physical structure even at high temperature, so it is not harmful for health.



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Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Puglia (South of Italy)

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