Ciao a tutti,
  my name is Antonella Ricco and I am  the   founder of Cookita NYC  an informal not for   profit organization aimed at those who think 
 cooking as also a social and cultural enrichment   opportunities of strengthening human  relationships.
 My two passions, for food and for Italian  
 traditions allowed me to create a brand new 
 concept for Italian home style cooking, making it  difference for its sustainable content. 
Arrived in New York to work as Private Chef for a Diplomat, I have decided to follow my instinct developing a sort of social food network based on forgotten home cooking Italian traditions. 

That’s why I have worked hard to design unique workshops and delicious menus that are different from the other Italian proposals, as 100% “home made Italian cooking”  without any otherr cultural contaminations, and in the same time 100% sustainable and feasible for all the New Yorkers, whether they are housewives or business people.

Cookita is the result of my carefully field research, during which I have put all my background experience as 20 years Italian food advisor and  wholesaler and all my heart for easy and quick culinary art of my land.

My ultimate mission is to support you to become a personal interpreter of the “Italian home style cooking ”,  designing tailor made workshops so that attending  my classes“ You Make  A Difference”

All the Cookita services are offered “pro-bono’.

Join me and enjoy

Antonella Ricco


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