Appreciating Italian Cuisine

Italian Food Promotional Campaign

My  mission  is to promote  the diffusion of Italian food, culture, traditions, practices and language  through  a culinary  journey  focused on Region’s Food in home  style cooking, offering an opportunity to acquire the skill of preparing and eat regional traditional specialties indicative of each region and, in the meantime, developing your basic Italian language skills.

An official commencement of the entire cooking classes will be held on the 9th July with a cooking opening day @ Cookita Kitchen in Harlem followed by an opening tasting dishes.

A series of  mini classes on “How to cooking delectable Italian dishes in less than hour” will be held during the promotion.
The workshops will include both theory session and hands-on cooking classes by our Instructor and Food Advisor Antonella Ricco, Gennaro Tesauro  from  Plenilunio alla Fortezza – Mola di Bari – Italy – and many other  guests.

Food  and pairing wine tasting as well as appreciating sessions will also be included in the classes.

We are sure that more New Yorker  would have a deeper understanding of Authentic Italian Cuisine after this promotional campaign.


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